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The Ross Law Firm, LLC offers a big firm experience with small firm values. I place a premium on providing personal service to my clients. By giving clients an objective view of their legal options, I help them make informed decisions about how to handle their legal matter in the most cost-effective manner.

Meet Nate Ross

I help people solve problems by giving honest and straight-forward advice with the bottom line in mind

You cannot make the best choice until your understand your legal situation. I provide honest and objective evaluations - in plain language - so that you can move towards a desired end as expeditiously and cost-effectively as possible.

I go out of my way to be available for my clients

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Agility and responsiveness that only a small firm can provide

At the Ross Law Firm, LLC, you are more than just a case number.

When you hire an attorney, you want someone who listens and understands your situation and who will work hard to get your desired result. I am dedicated to providing the highest quality legal representation to my clients with the bottom line in mind. 

I provide timely, strategic legal advice to my clients to help address their concerns and meet their needs. I strive to be an advocate in the true sense of the word, standing beside my clients throughout the process.

To help my clients understand their cases, I provide them with an understandable explanation of their legal rights and options.  An objective assessment of their legal matter allows my clients to make the best possible choice, which may not mean filing a lawsuit.  

As a small firm attorney, I am able to provide competitive pricing designed to maximize my clients’ recovery while minimizing their costs. With reasonable prices and a service-driven philosophy, the Ross Law Firm, LLC is a good choice for anyone seeking legal representation in St. Louis County and the surrounding areas.  

Why work with us?

Large Firm Experience

My past work at a large St. Louis law firm gave me experience with handling complex legal matters. With an understanding of a variety of complementary legal fields, I offer big picture legal counsel to help you make the best possible decision. 

Cost-Effective Representation

Focusing on reasonable prices and efficient service, I help my clients resolve their legal matters without breaking their budgets. I will help you develop a strategy for handling your matter early to assist you with achieving the best possible outcome. 

Personal Straight Talk

I give my clients honest and straight-forward advice with the bottom line in mind. By giving my clients an explanation of their issue in a way that they can understand, I empower them to make an informed decision about how to handle their legal matter.

A St. Louis Native

Representing the west county suburbs

Ellisville, MO

With its office located in Ellisville, the Ross Law Firm, LLC offers high-quality legal representation to clients throughout St. Louis County.

Chesterfield, MO

The Ross Law Firm, LLC provides comprehensive legal services to clients in Chesterfield and surrounding areas.

Wildwood, MO

With reasonable prices and high-quality representation, the Ross Law Firm, LLC assists its clients in Wildwood and surrounding areas with a variety of legal issues. 

Eureka, MO

My firm offers a big law firm experience with the values of a smaller practice. I assist clients in Eureka and the surrounding areas with various legal matters.  

Manchester, MO

I focus on providing the highest level of service and quality to my clients in Manchester and the surrounding areas.

Ballwin, MO

Throughout West County, the Ross Law Firm, LLC represents clients in a wide range of legal matters.