Nate Ross

As the principal attorney of the Ross Law Firm, LLC, I have experience in a variety of legal matters.

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Prior to founding the Ross Law Firm, LLC, I worked as an attorney for a large law firm representing companies in complex and high dollar legal disputes. My experience of over 15 years of legal practice has given me perspective on how legal issues often involve interrelated fields of law. I place a premium on providing big-picture legal advice so that my clients understand the full scope of their legal matter and their options for resolving it.

My experience as a litigator assists my personal injury clients as I help them navigate the complex world of insurance, medical billing and recovering for their losses after a car accident, motorcycle accident or other personal injury. My individualized attention helps clients put together estate plans that seek to ensure that their wishes are followed without a dispute.  

I also represent buyers and sellers of real estate, parties to commercial leases, and people fighting with their neighbors. Additionally, I represent clients accused of driving while intoxicated or related traffic offenses, aggressively defending them to protect their rights and freedom.

lawyers of distinctionAs a native of St. Louis, I am deeply committed to the people of Missouri. I offer high-quality legal representation at reasonable prices, helping my clients resolve their legal matters in a cost-effective, timely manner. I graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Law in 2001 and hold a bachelor of arts from Westminster College.