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In the business world, disputes frequently arise over issues that could have been avoided with careful planning. These issues often result in costly, time-consuming litigation that may detract from the growth of your business. Many business law matters can be best addressed and potentially avoided by taking a proactive approach with a focus on anticipating problems before they arise. Should a legal dispute happen, my legal guidance can help to minimize the impact on your business.

At the Ross Law Firm, LLC, I offer a big firm experience with small firm values. As a smaller practice, I am committed to providing personalized, one-on-one attention, with reasonable prices and regular communication to ensure that my clients’ needs are met. I analyze my clients’ business law matters, providing them with a realistic picture of what to expect and their options for resolving their issues. This analysis almost always involves a cost-benefit analysis with the ultimate objective of choosing a path to protect the bottom line. 

Missouri Business Law Disputes

I use a pragmatic strategy for practicing business law, with an understanding that a proactive approach to drafting contracts and other legal documents is critical to the success of a company. I offer comprehensive legal services to my business clients, providing both offensive and defensive legal strategies to help them minimize risk while helping their business grow.

Prevent Future Business Complications with Proactive Legal Advice

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However, in some situations, disputes are unavoidable. Whether the dispute is over a contract with an employee, vendor or customer, an issue between owners or a problem with a competitor, obtaining skilled legal advice as soon as possible can mean the difference between a costly, protracted legal battle and a quick resolution to the matter.  While no outcome can be guaranteed, the early involvement of a knowledgeable business law and litigation attorney can often prevent or minimize business disputes quickly, which saves money. 

I have represented employers, employees and business partners in disputes including the purchase and sale of business' assets, negotiating and litigating provisions of employment agreements, protecting businesses from improper conduct from competitors, and resolving matters between business partners. I focus on resolving disputes in an efficient, cost-effective manner through negotiation and alternative dispute resolution techniques such as arbitration and mediation. These strategies help my clients get back to focusing on what is important: Running their businesses.

Of course, there are times when litigation is unavoidable. In those cases, I will aggressively protect the rights of my clients. By communicating openly with my clients throughout the process, I give them a realistic opinion about the likelihood of a success that allows them to make the best decision about how to resolve the issue.

Business Law and Litigation Attorney in West County, Missouri

I provide full-service business law legal representation to clients throughout St. Louis County and the surrounding areas. With an eye toward the practical impact of business litigation, I advise clients on avoiding disputes and minimizing liability. Contact my office today to learn how I can help your business take a proactive approach to managing your legal affairs.