Estate Planning

Estate planning is a task that few people look forward to, but it is a task that is necessary to provide for others after your death and to make sure that you are protected during life. A good estate plan can help you minimize taxes, take care of your children, ensure that your wishes are followed, and protect your legal and financial rights in the event that you become incapacitated due to illness or injury. Whether your estate planning needs are simple or complex, I am here to help you through the process.

Estate planning is beneficial to people from all walks of life, from those with substantial assets to those with minimal savings and property. It is about more than simply passing on your wealth; an estate plan can provide guidance and direction about your wishes while you are alive and after your death. I prepare estate plans that address the full range of your needs, from making sure that your loved ones inherit as you see fit to planning for a business succession. I create custom-tailored plans to give clients peace of mind, knowing that regardless of what the future holds, they have a strategy in place to ensure that their family is taken care of and their wishes are followed.


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Missouri Estate Planning Services

As a full-service attorney, I provide a variety of Missouri estate planning tools to help my clients build the plan that works for them and their families. A thoughtful plan can help to avoid potential disputes between loved ones if you become incapacitated or after your death. My services include drafting the following legal documents:

  • Will: Also known as a Last Will and Testament, this document provides guidance on how your affairs should be managed and your assets should be distributed after your death. If you have minor children, a will can be used to nominate a guardian to make sure that they are taken care of as needed.
  • Trusts: A trust is a legal arrangement that allows a person (trustee) to hold assets for the benefit of a beneficiary or beneficiaries. They can be drafted in a number of ways to achieve different goals, such as avoiding probate or distributing assets more efficiently.
  • Financial Power of Attorney: This document designates another person to handle your financial affairs. For a power of attorney to be effective, it must be set up before you become incapacitated. This will establish a system to take care of your financial matters, such as accessing your bank accounts and paying bills, if you are unavailable or unable to do so yourself.
  • Health Care Power of Attorney: This document names a person to make medical decisions on your behalf if you are unable to make these decisions for yourself.  
  • Advanced Health Care Directive: A health care directive allows you to let your wishes be known regarding the use of artificial life-support mechanisms if you suffer from a terminal condition or are in a persistent vegetative state. 
  • Beneficiary Deed: This is a legal document can be used to transfer your real estate to beneficiaries without going through the lengthy and potentially costly probate process.

Through a combination of these and other estate planning options, I will create an estate plan that takes into account your goals, finances, assets and family dynamics.

Estate Planning Attorney in West County, Missouri

At the Ross Law Firm, LLC, I offer personalized estate planning services to individuals, families, and businesses to help them plan for their futures. By working collaboratively with clients, I gain an understanding of exactly what they are trying to accomplish in order to create a plan that works best for them. Contact my office today to learn more about my Missouri estate planning services.