Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents often involve some of the most significant injuries, with riders suffering broken bones, traumatic brain injuries and even death. Despite these risks, motorcyclists are passionate about riding. At the Ross Law Firm, I understand this passion as I have ridden motorcycles for years— and I stand ready to help any biker who has been injured in a collision with another vehicle or a crash on the road.

Cases involving motorcycle accidents can present unique challenges based upon preconceived notions that some people may have about bikers. Some may assume that a rider assumed the risk of being seriously hurt in an accident, or that he or she must have been reckless. As an attorney with more than 15 years of experience, I can assist you with preparing your case to overcome these challenges to help you receive the compensation you deserve. 

Common Missouri Motorcycle Accident Causes

While no rider can avoid every accident, understanding the most common types of crashes may help to prevent a serious collision. If you are hurt in a motorcycle accident, I will aggressively pursue all potential claims so that you can recover for your losses and move forward with your life.


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Many motorcycle accidents are caused by drivers who do not give motorcycles the same level of attention as they do other vehicles. This is often the case at intersections, where drivers may not be looking out for motorcycles when making a turn. Motorcyclists should be particularly cautious when approaching intersections, as cars and trucks may not watch out for them before turning — resulting in dangerous or potentially fatal injuries to the biker. Beyond intersections, drivers may be negligent in other ways.  A driver may switch lanes suddenly, slow down unexpectedly or make a turn without signaling. Any of these actions could cause a crash, with the rider taking most of the impact given the size of each vehicle and his or her lack of protection. A need to brake suddenly could cause a motorcycle to skid out, putting you at risk for additional injuries. To help avoid these accidents, riders should be careful when they are on busy roads and highways, and try to anticipate what other drivers will do. Pass vehicles with caution, and be alert for sudden slowing down or speeding up of cars and trucks. 

In addition to the danger of other drivers on the road, weather and street conditions can lead to accidents. Motorcycles are less stable than vehicles with four or more wheels, and so often they cannot handle changing road conditions such as loose gravel, wet roads or sudden turns in the road. Driving at excessive speeds can make it difficult to negotiate these hazards, leading to crashes. While no rider or driver can control the weather or road conditions and because bikers are at increased risk of serious injury in an accident, it makes sense to keep your speed in check so that you can handle these obstacles with ease.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney in West County, Missouri

As the principal attorney at Ross Law Firm, LLC, I understand the joys that riding a motorcycle can bring — and the potential for life-changing injuries if a bike is involved in an accident. I am dedicated to fighting for my clients to obtain compensation for their injuries. I will work hard to make a case for recovery to present the best possible claim for compensation. For a free consultation and case evaluation, contact my office today.